I’m in the process of writing an essay about the role of technology in television and I’m gathering together/ watching everything I can about VOD (Video On Demand) and more specifically the service that lies at the heart of it all: Netflix.

Some argue that we are right in the middle of another golden age of television with online streaming giving us access to big budget shows whenever and wherever we want them. It’s interesting to think about how many shows on Netflix I’ve spent countless hours watching since I’ve had an account-

So in no particular order I have seen almost every or every single episode of these shows: Orange Is The New Black, Bates Motel, Riverdale, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Skins, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, American Horror Story, Rick & Morty, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (this is a regular), Jane The Virgin, Glow, Black Mirror, Peep Show, The Mighty Boosh, Fargo, This Is England 90, Archer, Brooklyn 99, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, every Louis Theroux doc ever,

And that’s whilst I’ve been watching the Twin Peaks boxset as well as the return on Now TV, along with The Sopranos, watching shows on regular TV and going to the cinema regularly. I don’t know if I’m alone in consuming this much material but I do know that Netlix has 69 million subscribers worldwide.

I’m decisively FOR online streaming as it’s given me access to shows I never would have had access to on regular television. I also think the internet has been wonderful in reviving cult classics by allowing new audiences to visit the shows and form forums to discuss said shows on facebook, reddit etc etc. Also- no ads, horrible mind-numbing repetetive ads, when I used to binge watch normal TV I used to suffer through hours of cringeworthy, tragic advertising, white women screaming about how low cal a yoghurt is and beautiful men looking sultry in sailor outfits because somehow that’s supposed to make me want perfume, I. don’t. even. know.

However I’ve seen people talking about something called ‘The Netflix Effect’ which is a theory that this instant streaming is making young people l a z y (to which I would argue, let millennials enjoy things, if we’re going to have to live with our parents forever at least let us watch our shows in our bedrooms, thanks).

I’m going to keep digging…

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