By the power of your chiming diamond tears,

Cathartic laughter ringing in my ears,

May our wishes be granted with grace and speed,

Alchemy and wizardry, enchanted books to read.

Cracked lips, holding hands, mishandling,

Tin foil wedding ring,

Debased alchemy, debased wizardry,

Wild wolves that sing with me.

Asking for money, gold coins tossed into the melting pot,

Affairs are in order and the truth is not,

Wretched wench, made to feel,

That this life isn’t quite real.

Alchemy, debased alchemy,

Transcending to so called seventh heaven, on a patch of dead grass.

One thought on “Alchemy, a poem.

  1. The first line grabbed me, and totally enthralled with this poem. Well done. And Thankyou for following my website, so muchly appreciated, hope you enjoy my humble writings, I’m from Geelong, Australia

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