Mick E Talbot Poems


Its time to tell my fairy tale,
I swear I’ve not been on the ale.
Lend me your ears, hear me out,
A fairy left me a rose, no doubt.
On a toadstool, yes go and see.
She also left a note for me.
The note, sorry, I can not read.
My friend, a Leprechaun, indeed.
Lent me his eyes, and his voice,
Had to give them back, no choice.
His voice, to squeaky, eyes to small!
He took them back, and read it all.
Now listen to this recitation.
The fairies had no hesitation.
In asking me to make it known.
Many spells of peace they’ve sown.
All humanity received their gift.
To dismiss war, give peace a lift.
When they think we have succeeded
My fairy friends will help if needed.
Should they find that we did fail
You’ll not forget this fairy tale


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