Mick E Talbot Poems

Ad libs alluding to the image


Mother Nature

note the sorrow in her look

clutching straws… so sad…



humanities loss

don’t lose her


fairies… magic
mother natures workers
paid in wondrous spells




have you looked…
the bottom of your garden
a fairy… alone…
now sitting on your shoulder…
adding magic to your words…




I wish my Fairy friend was here, right at this moment. Pow! She’s here, with friends, begging, I write this, their comment. Tis Fairy day, beware some spells, but enjoy our magic. First, our condolences to all who suffered losses, tragic! For losses natural, accidental, premeditated terrorism, murder. If within our power we’d cast a spell, PEACE, bringing back order. Its not something we felt we had too, more than that, were begging Mick, To convey heartfelt thoughts to all true life, let peace prevail…

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